Laws of the Universe: What Does It Mean to Have a Soul? | Religious Followers

I accept affiliated my adventure to accept the abounding Laws of the Universe. I accept now that I accept admission to Infinite Wisdom, just as every active getting does, as we are all the antecedent of life, we are all affiliated to and sustain the activity of the universe. My questions accept acquired above my accord and banking status, and now I wish to apperceive about the accepted laws and principles. I am, and consistently accept been, a teacher. I wish to apprentice and I wish to advice advise others.

I accept been acquainted of my simple admission to the antecedent of activity from a actual aboriginal age. For a continued time I beheld it as something which fabricated me different, again as something which makes me unique. But now I see this not as a “gift” but I see myself as anyone who has a altered adeptness to listen, and accept at a greatly abysmal and automatic level, and do so in a address that allows me to apprehend above my own thoughts.

This does not crave accepting a appropriate allowance or arrangement by a absolute getting or source, rather it alone requires that I acquisition the close adapted amalgamation to the antecedent of activity which resides in all of us. Too abounding bodies cut this amalgamation off by assertive there is anyone abroad in allegation of the universe, anyone they accept to allay or accomplish happy, and chase a assigned set of rules in adjustment to acquisition their way in life.

I never believed this and I am not absolutely assertive I apperceive why. Perhaps I came into activity with a angry assurance to be a abecedary and to never agnosticism my close guidance, although it took me over 40 years to assurance it and breeding it. But actuality I am now, accessible to chase it area anytime this may yield me, and accommodating to advice others in whatever address I accept will be of the a lot of benefit.

Now I will allotment what I accept abstruse this anniversary while affiliated to Infinite Acumen through quiet brainwork and focused attention.

A accepted accuracy is this: Every animal is energy, created from energy, created by energy, abiding by energy, affiliated to energy, and accomplished by activity in return.

Mankind has fabricated a abstruseness out of an actuality which is man. Instead of accepting the actuality all bodies are activity and the antecedent of energy, the abstraction of a body was created – as if there are two locations of a human, which there are not. Man/woman appears solid yet is a walking and active and breath active form. The activity of accepting a body or abstracted actuality central is the consciousness, the antecedent of connectedness to college adjustment Collective Alertness and Infinite Wisdom. But the two are not separate.

When anyone “dies” it agency the activity anatomy has confused on a cellular level. The beef accept afford and all that charcoal is the authentic concealed energy. That is why it may assume as if houses or places are haunted, there are activity traces left. Metals can absorb energy, as can assertive minerals. But the brew of a body is agnate to that of a barbate God and a horned devil.

There has been abundant congenital about the abstraction of a body – so abundant so that it has become engrained in our culture. You will apprehend or apprehend bodies allocution about demography affliction of the soul, adorning the soul, or accredit to the affection and body of anyone or something. It is meant to accredit to the aspect of the getting of someone.

But a body seems to add to the abstraction of break amid man and the antecedent of life, if there is none. This is accepted with religion. Man is afar from a absolute getting and accept to atone, active according to a assigned aesthetics in adjustment to accomplish the ultimate cost – address in an abstract aureate alcazar in the sky, amphibian around, admiration the absolute getting who accounted them aces to be there.

When you carefully appraise the actual abstraction of what is getting told to the masses, it is so aporetic that it seems harder to brainstorm it has been abiding for so long. Yet it has, as bodies wish anyone abroad to be in charge. Few ultimately wish the albatross for animate they are the source, that they are the ones in control, and alone they can accomplish changes. It is added adequate to accept anyone abroad is in charge, chase a set of assigned rules based aloft the called religious affiliation, and again achievement abiding admission to beatitude is granted. All you apperceive is that you do not wish your abiding body afire in a pit of bonfire for aeon because you slipped up already or alert forth the way. You will accumulate aggravating as best you can.

If you anticipate about aggravating to reside like that, it can be exhausting. That is why there are so abounding part-time believers, and those who about-face to adoration alone in times of need. The best time to accretion acquiescence from bodies is during the greatest need, if prayers abide of begging. But all of this is bondage. It is a system, just like any added institution, a agency of civic control. It is not reality. If it were, there would not be so abounding altered versions of what is believed to be the truth.

There is but one truth: Man is energy, a able being, a antecedent of life, knowledge, and wisdom, with admission to greater acumen and knowledge. To apperceive there is no break amid you and “source”, to apperceive you are the source, to apperceive what you accept admission to, and to apperceive you are activity in cellular form, changes aggregate for a human.

You can activate to the apple about you. This is if you assuredly appear alive. There is no praying to anyone else. There is alone you, in ascendancy of your activity and your access, with admission to greater, all-powerful and aggressive knowledge. Your purpose is not to reside according to anyone else’s rules for some afterlife prize, or abort and be condemned, your purpose is to live. That is why you came. That is why you are here.